Our Founder

IMG_2114Jason N. Bagorio was born in the summer of 1974 in the town of Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines. He spent the first 16 years of his life in the big island of Luzon, in a small agricultural town called Bagabag.  On September 1990, his family migrated from the Motherland to Calgary, Canada.  He called it, a sacrificial decision made by his loving parents, to have a new beginning for the sake of their children’s future.  With the sponsorship of his close relatives, they were granted new life in a new world full of adventure, and a sense of freedom.  They were given the opportunity of a lifetime; the true meaning of the saying “The Sky’s The Limit”.

His business exposure goes back to his early days growing up in the Philippines. Both of his parents were merchants who were engaged in every business venture they can get their hands on. He remembered being 14 years old, when he helped manage family businesses whenever his parents were not around.  He witnessed firsthand the way his Parents and Grandparents conducted business with moral principle and solid credibility.  He learned a great deal about the importance of keeping employees’ morale to produce excellent service and putting the customer’s needs first and foremost.

A true entrepreneur, from three generations down. He is constantly looking to improve.  Always thinking of new ideas to implement in every economic era that has come and gone. He is a surfer of the economic swells, from the Dot-COM boom to the Real Estate boom.  He believes that success starts with a solid plan, backed by knowledge, and courage to take action with a perfect execution. What keeps him inline is the notion of constant learning in every means possible, be it from his own mistakes, and most importantly, mistakes experienced by others who have been there before.

Who We Are

Formerly known as Bizware Technology Inc, Bagorio Corporation was founded in early 2003. The Company now owns and manages investment properties throughout Alberta, Canada and is continually expanding its portfolio whenever wherever the number is possible.

In our geographic research, we look for cities, towns, or areas that are backed by solid economic fundamentals; driven by employment or job growth that spins off migration or in-migration of workers in an area.  It’s been proven that with an increasing population, landlords or investors are guaranteed with higher demands for their real estate rental products and services.  We remain more than ever dedicated to serving out lease holders or tenants, and building the business model by helping joint venture partners with their investing decisions.

Our Main Focus

Our mission is to invest in real estate opportunities that provide  predictable cash flow, backed by a proven Due Diligence System designed to stress test our target properties in every economic situation. The analysis we do is solely to assist and serve our investors and partners who have limited time or expertise, investing on their own.

What makes our organization successful is the brilliant team members we surround ourselves with, helping our investors make important investment decisions by mitigating their risk with solid research and know-how.  Bagorio Corporation applies a proven system in choosing investment opportunities.  We believe in maximizing our profit by leveraging the power of Appreciation, Mortgage Pay-down or Amortization and most of all, Cash-flow.

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We look forward to having you in our inner circle!

“Don’t miss out on the opportunities. Be ready, the time has come to plant the seeds once again!” ~Jason N. Bagorio